The Right Approach to a Pyrography Project

Burning wood the right way has never been easy for beginners. They struggle to get their pyrography project done right. When it comes to burning with wood, you need to approach the project meticulously. That means not only understanding pyrography tools, but also knowing how to use your tools right. The following is an approach […]


Traditional Pyrography at Its Finest

As in other various art forms, pyrography or pyrogravure can be divided into two main categories  – traditional and modern. In this article, we will focus on traditional pyrography which uses any heated metal equipment in order to burn not only on wood but on other specific materials, like bamboo. See our ultimate guide for […]

Man, The Creator (Wood Crafting in a Different Light)

  It has been said that man is made in the image of God, our Creator and Master craftsman or should I say, the Master crafts-God”. Meaning, we take after our maker in our need to create. Woodcraft is one of the most fascinating products of man. Pyrography, another term for woodcraft, has an amazing history too. Here’s an […]

Pyrography Tools: The Ins And Outs of the Art of Wood Burning

There’s plenty of wood burning tools out there, and it’s tough to know what you are actually looking for, especially if you are new in pyrography. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve tried wood burning in the past and wish to jump back in, you need the best pyrography tools for creative wood burning […]

Woodburning Techniques to Keep Your Heart Fiery for Pyrography

If you’ve recently discovered Pyrography or the art of woodburning as a hobby, besides the basic tools you need for this prehistoric craft, you also need to delve into the basic strokes and techniques. There are myriads of pyrographic art styles out there. However, this article will focus on the most common ones as an […]

Pyrography with Style: Wood Burning Tips and Tricks

Pyrography is a fascinating art – a fulfilling way to express creativity using different wood burning techniques to create interesting decorative designs at home. Either as a crafty kind of art or a decorative talent, it is raised to a whole new level of fine art by talented pyrographers. Timothy Dahl, in an article on Life […]