Best Woodburning Kits For Rookies and Professionals

Looking for the best woodburning kits? When it comes to choosing a kit, it will depend entirely on your skill level and your goals.

Someone who is completely new to pyrography will need a kit that includes all the basics. You’ll need a burner, some tips, a book to learn from and something to work on.

The greatest wood burning tools explained

Beginning with the Basics

The most highly recommended burner is one with temperature control and dual-pen plugs, so you can have two different types of nibs ready to go at once. This allows for a wide range of effects without a lot of tools.

Tips you choose will be simple ones: you’ll want to be able to do the basics, so having a shading tip and sharp tip will be your best assets straight off the bat.

Sharp tips can be both fine and wide, so you could consider getting one of each to make lines of varying thicknesses.

There are a huge number of books available you can learn pyrography from. Ideally, you want one that wasn’t published all that long ago so that the information it has in it is up to date.

For the Experienced Hands

People who have been doing pyrography for a while will find any beginner kit completely irrelevant to them. They won’t need to learn basic techniques, or get a simple burner with common tips.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are no kits for anyone who is experienced. There are always new things to learn in any craft, and a huge range of tools and tips are out there just waiting to be used.

A pyrography artist who has been using a burner for a long time could consider branching out and choosing a type of burner they haven’t used before. There are also some quite unusual nibs designed for doing interesting effects, like feather or scale nibs.

As well as tools, there’s heaps of books for experienced pyrographers as well. Learning new techniques and experimenting is a huge part of the enjoyment in something as versatile as pyrography.

The Necessities and the Extras

No matter what skill level you are at there are a few things every pyrographer needs.

For one, a burner. And because it can get smoky when burning wood, having a mask or a fan to blow the smoke away while you’re burning will be required, as the smoke can be toxic.

A few nibs if you’re using a pen with interchangeable tips. Consider getting the nibs in a pack, and try to get tips that are the same brand as your burner so you know they’ll be compatible.

You’ll also, of course, need some kind of material to do your pyrography on. Wood, leather, gourds, bone, bark and more can be used. Whether you’re new or have been doing pyrography for years you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

There are kits out there for everyone and every level. Looking online is a great place to start, you’ll have the whole range of pyrography tools at your fingertips to choose from.

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